Decorating Your Small Business

Decorating Your Small Business

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No matter what you sell when you open up a brick and mortar store it needs to be well branded.You want things to look cohesive, tell a story, invite people in. Whether you’re a coffee shop, an antique store, a clothing boutique, a bookshop, or anything in between, what your store looks like on the inside matters. Creating a welcoming environment that’s unique, cohesive, and “on brand” is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. So how do you do it? You don’t need to hire a professional designer to help you out. As long as you’re smart enough to do some research and think critically about your space that is. If you do need some extra help an interior designer or decorator could really improve your space. However many start up small businesses need to save as much money as they can. Read the tips and tricks below to help you create your small business’s environment without expensive design help!

To start things off research color and the impact it can have on moods. Think about the kind of environment you want to create. If you’re looking to be a place of calm and peace, an oasis from the busy outside world, try soft and cool colors like blue or green. If you want to energize your customers, bring them to a place full of energy and laughter try red or yellow. Colors really can impact a person’s mood and that’s why choosing the right one for your space can be so important. This goes beyond wall colors of course but you can stock up on paint at great low prices by shopping at Lowe’s. Designing and decorating with a color scheme in mind is a great way to continue the mood that the color promotes. It’s also a great way to tie in your store’s theme to your logo. Featuring your business card with the logo on it in your store is also a good idea. You can get incredible business cards from Vistaprint at great low prices. If your business’s logo has a lot of green in it, featuring green in your store is a great technique to keeping your business in the minds of customers. They’ll see green elsewhere in the world and associate it with your business!

Now that you’ve got your color scheme picked out it’s time to think about the layout of your store. The layout of a store is incredibly important to the customer’s experience. Things need to make sense, they need to flow. When a customer enters a store they can either feel bewildered or welcomed. If things aren’t arranged in a way that makes sense customers might find it hard to find what they’re looking for or to navigate the store. Play around with the location of the objects and test things out on yourself. Walk through the store and think “Does this make sense”? Have friends or family stop by and try to find their way around, see what kind of feedback they have for you.

For decorating your space you’ll need to think about what you’re selling. What kind of lifestyle or image are you selling along with your wares? Places like Pier 1 Imports offer an incredible selection on decor and furniture. Make your coffee shop or bookstore feel super homey with throws and lamps!

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