Everything about buying a built-in oven

Everything about buying a built-in oven

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Built-in appliances have been popular for a while now. If you are considering a new microwave for your functional kitchen, you may want to consider a built-in oven. In this post, we will talk about what it takes to buy one.


Typically, built-in ovens are more expensive than countertop variants. Even the typical cones should cost around $700 or more, while the expensive ones can cost over $2000. The features and size of the built-in oven eventually decides the price. If you check with les spécialistes du four encastré, you will find a bunch of brands and many models to choose from.


Since a wall oven is placed in a fixed spot in the cabinetry, you may want to consider the same size, if you already had one. Standard width includes 24, 27 and 30 inches, but again, you cannot always go for a bigger one if the space is limited. This is also the precise reason why one must take the measurements again before replacing one brand with another.


You can go for a single or double oven, depending on your requirements. Keep in mind that the internal space of a wall oven is smaller than a range one, which is why many homeowners go for a double one. The models are getting better with advanced technology, so check both options. Most built-in ovens use electric power, barring a few that use gas. You may have to spend some money for maintenance of built-in ovens, so consider the need for a self-cleaning one. Not all brands offer great service, so bear that in mind too

Convection built-in ovens

Most homeowners prefer convection oven these days, but again, this is more of a personal choice. Expectedly, the prices of built-in ovens with convection cooking tends to be higher, and for many, that difference is worth paying for.

Basic features

With built-in ovens, you can expect to get a better window into the interiors, besides improved lighting for the interiors. The features can vary from brand to brand but look for ones that come with a digital panel. Homeowners often buy wall ovens because of the aesthetic value, as well, so the design is a pertinent factor for some buyers.

Warranty on the product and popularity of the brand are some of the other aspects worth mulling over, besides the energy-star rating. If you use your oven frequently, consider energy usage as an important factor.

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