How to Correctly Line Your Curtains

How to Correctly Line Your Curtains

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Regardless of whether you decided to buy some premade curtains or you chose to create some from scratch using the most luxurious curtain fabrics, there is a reasonable chance that some of you will want to line the finished product. There are many reasons people should do that. For instance, if you choose dark curtain fabrics, they can fade over time.

Adding a lining will protect them slightly. You might also have thin curtains that allow too much sunlight into your home. Lining them will add some extra thickness and ensure the sun doesn’t become a problem. The step by step guide below is all you need.

Step 1

Firstly, you’ll want to fold the hem of the curtain fabric up three-quarters of an inch. Press with an iron to create a seam. You can use a ruler or a seam gauge for accuracy.

Step 2

Now you need to fold the hem of the fabric again. Make the fold three and three-quarter inches this time. If you do that right, the hem amount between the two folds should be four inches. Use your iron again to press down and fix the material in place.

Step 3

Next up, you need to repeat steps one and two with your chosen lining fabric. Do exactly the same thing as you did with the curtain fabric, and press down with your iron to create a new seam.

Step 4

Now you need to grab some pins and fix the hem in place ready for your sewing machine. Make sure you have at least a few millimetres of excess fabric on the left side of the needle. That will allow for slight movements away from the straight course of the sewing machine when you begin.

Step 5

You can now stitch the hem of the curtain, but make sure you stay as close as possible to the hem fold for the best results. If you want to achieve an invisible hem; you can perform this step by hand.

Step 6

Repeat the last step and do the same thing with your curtain fabric. Sew close to the hem and hand-sew the material if you do not want a visible hem. However, in most instances, it doesn’t matter too much with the lining.

Step 7

Now press the stitching at the bottom of the fold on the hem with your iron and fix it in place.

Step 8

Get your lining fabric and repeat step 7. Then, place the curtain down on a flat surface and lay the lining fabric on top. Line both sections of material up using their top corners and pin along the hem.

Step 9

Stitch the lining to the curtain fabric by hand or by using your sewing machine. Allow a half an inch seam for the tidiest results.

Step 10

Hang your curtains and give yourself a pat on the back!

As you can see from the step by step guide on this page, correctly lining your curtains is now as challenging as it might sound. Indeed, anyone can do it at some with the right equipment. So, don’t think you have to throw your curtains away if you make a mistake and chose something too thin. There are always ways to remedy that issue, and there is lots of fantastic information on this blog that will point you in the right direction.

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